A Guest Blogger: Twitter Connects Us and Keeps the Energy Flowing

As part of the 30 Goals challenge, a cohort of mine asked to be a guest blogger on my blog (@profhutch). I was honored and pleased that she was conquering the challenges. I have not started, so she’s really pushing me to keep learning. In her post below she explains the importance of a PLN. This would be a great post to share with a newbie twitter user. Cecilia is a Twitter junkie and veteran now, but this spring she was learning everything she could and it was great watching her soak it all up.

My name is Cecilia Schoultz (@profhutch). I have been teaching with Mrs. Brogley for 9 years.  We have shared the same hallway for 7 years. This year, I have had the opportunity to learn from her an unbelievable amount of information. More importantly, I have been able to get to know her better and have many laughs and fun throughout the school year. She is changing positions; yet, I know we will still be connected. I feel very honored to be able to write on her blog.

Here it is…June 21, 2010. I am still feeling connected to school. Don’t get me wrong. I love summer. I love seeing my little boy every day. Yet there is a pull for me to stay connected to school. The pull has come from a new

found love of learning and sharing about educational goals and resources.  Not only the resources but the fun! I have attached pictures from a site where you will see what you look like in 20 years. I laughed so hard I cried when I tried this application! Why not have fun with technology?

Through twitter, I have connected to teachers from many different countries and cities. I have even connected more with teachers in my own school! One of the resources I have stumbled upon is Shelly Terrell’s #30goals. This is a free eBook for teachers looking to work on their own professional development.  In my workshop today, someone asked me why I was doing the 30 goals. “Is it for a class or something?” The only reason is the continued love of learning and the challenges it brings. For the 8th goal, I am to be a guest blogger. That doesn’t sound too hard, does it? Well, you have to ask someone if you can write on their page! AIE!  As I thought about it, Jessica’s blog came to mind. I do admire so much of what she has done in her classroom…so it was a little bit outside of my comfort zone to ask her.  I had to complete the 8th goal so I felt very motivated to give it a try. Next, I get to turn the page and learn a new skill or idea.

I recommend to teachers continually the positive influences of twitter and building a PLN (Professional Learning Network). I remember the day I had to ask what a PLN was…I felt pretty embarrassed and stupid. Here was a term people were using left and right and I had no idea what they were talking about in their discussions.  It is the growing process and learning.  Many times it is humbling but the rewards outweigh the negative elements.

I continue to learn about web 2.0 tools and ways to connect with other schools for the upcoming school year. My challenge this summer is to look at the tools I have gained since January and organize them before my computer is cleaned for the summer.  As many do summer cleaning…I must find and organize all the amazing tools and blogs I have found! I can’t wait!

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