Review of Yogi Bear Wisconsin Dells

Our family of four stayed at Dells Jelly Stone the week after 4th of July in a water/electric site. Below you’ll find my notes about the experience.


  1. The planned activities. There are events for your children every hour or two starting at 9 am. I’ve never seen that many planned activities at a campground before. Some of the events cost money (less than 10 dollars). We painted a ceramic cat for 6 dollars. Here is the list of activities for the week during our stay. As you can see, there is something nearly on the hour.
  2. IMG_0406

  3. The kiddie pool. You are never going to get a pool better than this at a camp ground. If your kids are over 10 they’ll enjoy the adult pool (with a slide). If they’re under 10 this kiddie pool is awesome. It comes complete with slides, water guns, water falls, et cetera. It was 85 outside, but it felt like 75 at the pool with the constant mist of water.
  4. IMG_0413

  5. The central location of activities. The Ranger Station, the pools, and the goodie shop are all together. This made for a nice walk to the middle of the park where several things were taking place. There is plenty of room to sit with your family, play in the pools, partake in the activities, or go up to the store.
  6. The store. Usually Wisconsin Dells is horrendously overpriced, but I thought the items at the store were fair. You can go home with a t-shirt for under 10 bucks. We bought a jug of water for $2 bucks. And if you’re needing more things, Walmart isn’t that far.
  7. The staff. The staff is friendly and helpful. We had a problem with our water hookup (it was leaking) and maintenance was there within 5 minutes. He was helpful and very friendly. I’ve read complaints about the staff not speaking English very well, and while that might be true, any compassionate person can tell they’re trying. The fella that led the “Hey Ride” was so happy and friendly to be leading the activity. I was glad he was having a positive experience here. Actually, the ESL teen employees were more friendly than the American teens.


  1. The location. The campground is just off the interstate. While that makes it easy to get to, it’s not a peaceful setting. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, you do not want anything on Jellystone Loop or the first half of Valley View Drive. We, unfortunately, were the 2nd site on Valley View Drive. I requested a site very close to the central activities and the playground and that’s exactly what I was given, so I really can’t complain. It’s just a shame such a nice campground has to be right on the interstate. Because of the horrendous noise, it was so hard to relax by the campfire.
  2. The other campers. This is our fifth campground and this was the first where we encountered rude behavior by the campers. There was another site 200 yards away with music blaring until 10pm. The quiet time is 10:30, so technically it’s okay…it’s still rude. We also had several people, mostly kids, walk through our site to get to wherever they were going. I don’t mind when people walk through the perimeter, but these kids walked 10ft from our camper door. While we were eating dinner, some cut through the back and stopped to pet our dog without asking or acknowledging our presence. That’s not really the campground’s fault, but it happened on several occasions and only at this campground. I think it’s just a different atmosphere.
  3. The showers. There’s something about seeing hair in a drain that just grosses me out. Also one of the showers had a defunct button so I had to press it every 30 seconds, no kidding. The other shower wasn’t that bad.
  4. The other playgrounds. The only good playground was by Valley View. The others are by far unequal.
  5. The price. When we bought our camper from Wagner’s RV, we were given a coupon for two nights free. On the third night we paid 75 dollars — the regular weekend rate for July on our site. That’s high compared to the other campgrounds I’ve been to, but I bet there are ways to reduce the cost through coupons. It seems like there are coupons all over Wisconsin Dells. I bet if you hunted around or asked friends there is a way to reduce cost.


All in all, I’d go back to Yogi Bear’s campground in Wisconsin Dells, but I would just pick a different site on the other side of the campground. If your kids are under 15, they are going to love the constant activity and the pool can’t be beat. They offer so much for their guests – amenities, service, et cetera. I know my kids will be asking to go back next summer. Just remember — pick a site on the back side of the campground.

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