Review of Deer Trail Campground in Nekoosa, WI.

The weekend of June 4th, our family packed up the camper to go to my cousin’s graduation in Adams-Friendship, Wisconsin. Since the weather was going to be nice, we thought to make a weekend out of it. Because Wagner’s RV gave us several free camping coupons, we wanted to pick the closest campground to A-F and that was Deer Trail Campground in Nekoosa, WI.

One initial word of caution: Your GPS device may not give you correct directions. We have a TomTom from this past Christmas and it got us to the right road (County Road Z), but took us the wrong direction. Normally that’s not a big deal, but when the driver is dragging a 26ft camper, direction matters.

We arrived in the afternoon and I ran in to check us in. The owner was very friendly and sent me on our way.

Initially we had site 12, which I requested so we could try a waterfront view some time. Upon pulling in we realized how tricky it would be to position the camper with the door facing the water. We ended up driving into 14 because it was an easy pull through situation (no one was on either side) and then the door could face the water, which gave us plenty of privacy. Had someone pulled in on our left side, we would not have been able to leave until after they pulled out. Anyway, I sprinted back up to the office to alarm them of our switch and the owner didn’t mind at all. Phew! If you take those lake front sites, just back in…and understand that your door will not face the water. That will save significant stress. Also bring plenty to block up your camper. The drop off to the water’s edge is significant. We pulled in sideways, so it didn’t matter to us, but if you backed in, rolling would not be cool.

It rained significantly the day before, if I remember, but that did not matter here. Something unique to this area is the soil composition — very sandy. Even if it does rain, the water never stands. Our site was clean, but very sandy. I was sweeping sand from our camper three times a day.

Because we arrived earlier than we usually do, we had a chance to scope things out right away. The kids played on the playground (not on the map) which is one big climbing tower complete with all sorts of options.There is also a swing set and a little tykes playhouse type of contraption that has seen better days. My kids are down to earth and will play on anything not matter how weathered or battered, so we were all happy. The gameroom is 10 ft away in one direction and the pavilion is just another 5 ft.

There are activities on the weekends. I did have a hard time figuring out what those would be until we arrived at them. For example, we knew there would be a craft of some type Saturday morning, but it was not until I walked Jenna down that I knew it was a paper airplane contest. Their website is a bit vague with the details.


  1. The rate. Stay during the week and pay $25 bucks a night. Not bad at all.
  2. The pool. We came after a storm passed so it wasn’t that warm out. Early June rarely promises to be a hot poolside kind of month. We weren’t able to get to the pool until Sunday, our departure day. I was happy to find that the pool was heated and let me tell you – it was warm! It does not have a zero entry, but the steps down into the pool start out at maybe 4ft. My daughter was ecstatic over the frog slide, which was perfect for her. At 5 years old she was eventually able to go down the frog and land on her feet in the water. I wish we had gone in the pool earlier in our stay!
  3. The other campers. What a friendly campground! This is not a wild campground. Lots of the people there are seasonal residents and some around our site were retired folks. By 9pm it was a mellow campground. While taking the kids on a walk, we  did have one lady ask if we wanted to pet her dogs. Normally I would pass on that, but these were the smallest chiwawas. The lady and her family are seasonal residents from Wisconsin Rapids and come down nearly every weekend. She sure was friendly! Even later on Sunday she stopped back to see how we were doing. It was neat to have another guest just checking in on us.
  4. The atmosphere. I alluded to this earlier. It’s a quiet mellow campground. No one kid or dog running into our site. No loud parties. I felt like chilling at this campground.
  5. The WIFI. It exists in the campground, but out by our site, it was spotty. Again, we are here to explore and camp, not email…so I didn’t mind.
  6. Some sites. Some of the sites are HUGE. I wonder if they’re all for seasonal. I thought the bigger sites were on the north end of the campground (up the hill, as I call it).
  7. The Staff. The owners are very friendly!
  8. The bathrooms. Well, I can’t remember the bathrooms, so that must be a good thing. If they were horrid, I would be writing about it. They are still not as nice as Indian Trails, but they were acceptable.


  1. The roads. It did not impact us much, but it might others. The roads on the north side of the campground might be a little  tricky with a big rig. There are low lying branches. Just be sure you ask. I think we could have gotten our 26ft trailer all around the park, but we would have had to keep our eyes peeled constantly.
  2. The sites. I listed this as a pro too, didn’t I? I say this with hesitation because I do not feel this applies to all the sites. We had site 14. If that road had been full, we would have been jammed in there tight and no one would actually be facing the lake (we all would have backed in and left it at that). That comment does not apply to all the sites and I picked a lakeside site.
  3. The WIFI. As I said above, the connection was very weak. It did not really bother me, but it might someone else.
  4. Their website. The campground is a lot nicer than their website shows. The photos are small. Some pages seem incomplete. It could be so much better. Without the free coupons from Wagner’s RV, I am not sure I would have picked that place only because the website is just okay.

To conclude on this review, I would return. I would not take site 12, 14, or 14a with our camper. This is a nice place to go when you want peace and quiet yet need some conveniences that the state parks might not offer.

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