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Professional Development

(As it relates to Educational TechnologyThis is a small visual sampling of some good reads.

With a quick search on Amazon, you will find a long list of books related to Educational Technology. Authors from all over the world are sharing their insights and inspiration. Often you can find authors that will really challenge your thinking, ask you to step out of your comfort zone, and learn new tools. As you will discover my list is far from expansive. Once you do your own searching you will discover that you can branch out into several areas related to Educational Technology. For example, a search I conducted awhile back brought me to Daniel Pink’s work and I have enjoyed his work ever since. Many of my purchases have been made via Barnes and Nobel because I have a Nook. The good folks at B&N have now made a Nook app for my Ipad and cell phone!

First list below is a list of digital resources for connecting to other professionals. Beneath that you will find a list of professional development books.

Personal Learning Networks (PLN’s)

Books to Find

My Favorite Picks

On My Personal Nook


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