Less me, More Student

I’ve always been a big believer in promoting a student-centered classroom. I’ve slipped a few times this semester with today being one of them. I have yet another fabulous Oral Interpersonal class, but this time the class is almost twice as large. That makes it challenging to have the intimate discussions that I’m looking for in an Oral Interpersonal class, but this group of students has just enough leaders to produce a really interesting environment.

Today we were talking about the perception process. I was going through my usual rattle, explaining the steps in my goofy way. Students chimed in with stories. In the end, I felt okay about it, but as I started reflecting, I quickly became angry with myself. I started thinking about who did most of the talking. Me. Sure, in the beginning of a course that’s understandable, but we are in week three and these students have wonderful stories to share. Tonight I’m counting the number of student experiences I heard today and I am not counting enough.

I have great students that will talk. Some even have side conversations about our discussion topics. I need to work harder to listen to them and stay out of the center. I’m not that type of teacher.

I’m going to hang a little sign in the back of the room that says, “Less me, More Student.”

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