The Connections Really Do Matter

As I proceed through the semester at whirlwind speed, I can honestly say that I’m enjoying the connections I’ve made with students. It’s probably one of my favorite parts of what I do. I’ve found that when students know that I care, I have fewer conflicts and they are willing to produce better quality. The follow is a short list of ideas I want to keep working on:

  1. Establishing a Connection: I want to be sure I know all their names, their hometowns, and their programs. I don’t care if I have 70 or 150 students. I can do that. I want them to know that they aren’t just a seat. They matter to me; They matter to our campus and all of Southwest Wisconsin. I want them to really know that.
  2. Understanding What is Important: Not all my students are driven by grades. I want to understand what drives them to be in school. Understanding their drive will help me tailor class to their motivations. It also helps me establish empathy.
  3. Seeking Additional Resources: When I can connect students to additional resources or alternative experiences, they see a greater relevance. Some times that means simply showing them typos they might see in the real world or it might be something more impacting like connecting them to service organizations the match their program.


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