Early Adopter Review: Team Drives

Back in November, Google offered our district the chance to try “Team Drives.” I promptly applied and was granted access shortly thereafter. So far, it’s been a pleasant experience. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes!

Team Drives

For early adopters, Team Drive is a link under My Drive. The idea is simple — You can upload files to a folder under Team Drives. From there, users can edit and share files as normal. Should someone leave the team, the files stay in Team Drives.

This will prove useful when grade-levels are sharing content. For example, our second grade team created a plethora of content, but this fall teams were rearranged. I suspect it was quite a challenge to share content with the new members of the team. Team Drives would have eliminated that hassle. Honestly, team-level or subject-specific curriculum could be housed in Team Drive with the collaborators being all teachers of that content, curriculum coordinator, and any technology integration specialists.

I was thinking, however, that people could not delete content in a Team Drive folder. That is not the case. I ran a test where I jumped into someone else’s Team Drive folder, and I started deleting content. It is still entirely possible to delete files out of a team’s Team Drive. Additionally, I was not able to move entire folders over to Team Drive. Any folders have to be downloaded and reuploaded. I suspect that will quickly change. Lastly, I was not able to “Save to Team Drive” from Gmail. Again, I’d have to download the file and then upload to Team Drive. I’m betting that one will change too.

Despite those few gaps, our staff is really enjoying the Team Drive experience. The tool supports teachers that want to share and collaborate on curriculum and projects. If you’re interested in learning how Team Drives can work for you, take a peek at the Early Adopter program.

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