130 Market Street

This photo is a fun twist on a lovely building. The Spa Boutique at BarberShop Rock resides at 130 Market Street, just north of city park. Built in 1908, this beautiful structure was one of few houses at the time to be constructed of cement block. You should stop by sometime and check out the inside! I’ve only had the opportunity to go there once, but I can tell you the inside is so very cool. Much of the historic character is still in tact, yet the space has this super fun vibe that fits the business so very well. They did a great job blending a trendy spa with the historic elegance of the building. 

This building reminds me that it is possible to renovate without destroying the historical character of a building, inside and out. The two ideas can coexist.

I think I need to buy an old building and get this out of my system. Hm….

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