A Hidden Gem

Platteville has several hidden historical gems that the average resident might not realize. We have several buildings in Platteville that are quite historic, but for some reason we don’t toot our historical horn in the same way Mineral Point does. No doubt, Mineral Point, for example, has many more historical buildings that we do, but we have plenty to share too. Thankfully, people like James Hubbard and the Grant County Historical Society have written about our lovely town.

One such is this building at 150 Market Street, just north
of city park. It currently houses Physical Therapist Specialist, but back in 1848, it was known as the Campbell House, a hospital and a hotel. What a combo, right?

In Hubbard’s book, the house had a 3rd story. Think of the stories this building could tell! Next time I’m at the Southwest Wisconsin Room, I’d love to research the Campbell House.

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