John H. Rountree

Today’s photo is a modern twist on a founding father of Platteville. This is the grave of John H. Rountree, an early pioneer of Platteville. He leveraged his entrepreneurial spirit and civic leadership when he arrived in 1827. He purchased much of the land we know as the city today from the US government land office in Mineral Point, and then promptly mapped and promoted the village as a fine place to live. He started the first smelting furnace, sawmill, hotel, and store in the city. He was our first postmaster and even lead a militia to fight in the Black Hawk war. Additionally, he served in the Wisconsin State Senate multiple times. In order to keep this a post and not a book, I skipped many details. I’ll end with this –> His long list of accomplishments reveals a man truly invested in this land.

He is buried at Hillside Cemetery. I snapped a 360 photo of the graveside which would give you a good idea of where to see it in person –>

We might call ourselves the Pioneers, but I’m pretty John H. Rountree was the original.

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