Who Was Hanmer Robbins?

Being that I’m a teacher, I guess I’ve always been curious to learn about Hanmer

Robbins. Conducting class out of a log cabin, he was one of Platteville’s first teachers. He was also the town Superintendent of schools and contributed to the development of Platteville’s Normal School, a training school for teachers. Just 15 years after his death, Platteville built the Hanmer Robbins school, our first high school, I believe.

I set out today to find his grave. How fitting that he is buried just feet from John H. Rountree, the man I wrote about a few weeks ago (see photo below). After examining the stone, I realized Robbins died just months after Rountree. Their deaths must have marked the closing of a remarkable era for Platteville.

Robbins’ family gravesite can be found in Hillside Cemetery. I grabbed a 360 photo for you to help you find it for yourself: https://goo.gl/maps/rmyVjqtjbPu


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