Making IT Happen Award

Just like every other teacher, I keep truckin’ along. I don’t always know if I’m heading in the right direction or if the impact I’m making is big enough. Still, my heart says, “Do this.” And another day is in the books.

This winter two teachers nominated me for the ISTE Making IT Happen Award through WEMTA. I’ve heard of this award but never in a million years expected to be recognized like this. It means a lot to me that someone, “Hey you. Nice job!”

The Making IT Happen award is for someone that strives to keep pushing forward, beyond his or her own classroom walls, to impact change system-wide.

Recipients of this award are recognized at the state level and at ISTE in June. What an amazing opportunity.

For me, it’s a fantastic reminder that the work I do matters. Most days I feel like I’m not making impactful strides, and that people don’t see my role as all that valuable. Moments like this remind me that I’m on the right track.

The other reminder this moment gave me was to recognize others for their work. Teachers pour their hearts into the profession. Part of my job as a professional is to nurture other teachers and make sure they know their work is valued.

I wonder how I’m going to pass this on…


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