About Jessica

My original draft of this page was seven paragraphs. Seven paragraphs! Goodness, who wants to read that?! If you ever can’t sleep, my CV will lull you to rest.

Here’s what you need to know — I love to leverage digital media to tell stories. Thankfully, we live in a location rich with unique landforms, a fascinating history, and great people. This combination offers an endless supply of stories to document, and I carry a camera just about everywhere I travel lately!

99% of the time I’m documenting for fun, as part of the Google Local Guides program. My work is uploaded to Google Maps for others to view world-wide. I take pride in knowing that I’m helping shape the map.

I also help small businesses with their marketing goals by providing a targeted and professional photography and digital communication plan. I am one of the few Google Street View trusted photographers in Southwest Wisconsin, and I understand how to write for digital media production.

If you have a non-profit or government location, you’d like me to document, please let me know. If you’re a business looking for a more targeted approach to marketing, I can also help!


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