Review of Jellystone in Fremont, WI

IMG_5233Oh my it’s supposed to drop down to 39 degrees tonight. Yipes. Why did we want to camp one more time this fall? Even with this frigid weather, I am thankful we ventured to Fremont, Wisconsin where we discovered Fremont Jellystone. We picked this place as our final destination for 2010 because a coworker of Brad’s was heading that way. They have young children close in age to ours and we’ve never camped in a group before. We arrived on Friday night around 5pm. The weather was doing us no favors with high winds and chilled air. Thankfully we had propane heat and lots of blankets. Despite the winds, we still visited around the campfire. Our dog did reap the benefits of the weather by finally being able to sleep in the camper right next to our two year old son.


  1. IMG_5251The property. Fremont Jellystone is huge and very spacious. Because we went there in the fall, there were few people there. It was hard to get a sense of what the grounds would be like full, but the sites themselves are spacious. There is also a large pond that breaks up the grounds quite a bit. The campground also has frontage on Partridge Lake. Since the grounds are so spacious you could spend at least an hour walking or bike riding. A pedal cart would be a fun choice here.
  2. IMG_5290The activities. We only stayed for the weekend, but we enjoyed several activities including t-shirt tie dying, candle making, a “hey” ride, and even a polka band (it’s Okoberfest weekend here!). The prices were very reasonable (and I’m a cheap skate).
  3. The staff. The staff consists of several teenagers. Unlike our other experiences, the teenagers here are mature and friendly. None were rolling their eyes, texting, or staring off in space wishing they were somewhere else. Actually on the “hey” ride Jenna, our daughter, refused to sit near Yogi Bear. Ever since Wisconsin Dells she’s developed a disgust for that bear. After the “hey” ride, I noticed a staff member from the ride (with her friend) in the store. I asked if that friend was Yogi Bear on the ride. Sure enough she was and she happily introduced herself to Jenna as the person behind the bear. That made Jenna feel so much better that she was able to have her picture taken with Booboo the next day.
  4. The concessions. The prices were very fair. Actually, right now it’s buy one, get one free on several of the snacks they’re probably looking to unload before winter.
  5. The outdoor theatre. This one is so darn cute – wooded benches, big screen, concessions real close, et cetera. The first night was so cold and windy that I did not think they would bother setting up a movie. As I was walking the dog at 9pm, I noticed there “Scooby Doo” was playing with about 10 people all wrapped up watching. Tonight the original Yogi Bear movies are playing. We will be heading up there soon, winter hats, gloves, multiple layers, and all.


  1. They do not have free wifi. I did not look into the cost. I have a data plan for my cell phone so I really did not mind and plus, everyone needs to unplug, especially when camping with the family.

All in all, we will be back for sure. Actually, this will be a frequent location for us. It is so close and has enough amenities to keep us on property for several days.

Update: We went back to Fremont the next weekend for one night. Even though the weather was chilly, we still had a good time. I should note, however, that we picked a different site and ended up having to move. No matter how we positioned the camper, we couldn’t establish a safe, level parking spot. We ended up moving back to the site we had the previous week. I think it’s important for us to purchase a hose longer than 25 feet and perhaps bring two cinder blocks.

Review of Peshtigo River Campground in Crivitz, WI

On a rather spontaneous whim, we decided to pack up the kids and use up yet another free camping coupon from Wagner’s RV. Because we didn’t feel up to a long drive, we picked the closest on possible – Peshtigo River Campground in Crivitz, WI – about an hour north from our home.

Driving there was fairly easy, 4 lanes nearly the entire way. The GPS was reliable also. The campground is just south of town right off the main drag.


  1. Our site was very large. It was also neat with a gravel pad and cement fire ring. The overall size of the lot was probably twice that of a Yogi Bear lot. It was so large  that we were able to unhook the camper from the truck without the truck in the road. At other campgrounds that really only happens if you find a pull through site. As we walked through the campground I was impressed with the other lot sizes. Several were much larger than ours even. Some of the seasonal sites were big enough for a few cars even. I’ve never seen any that big.
  2. It is quiet. We could hear a hum from the highway, but nothing terrible. I could still sit outside and relax. This year the gnats and mosquitoes were lethal, so we didn’t sit outside much…but if we had, I would have enjoyed the peace. The neighbors are far enough away that we felt alone. When the owner picked the site, I wonder if he was trying to space us all out.
  3. The bathrooms are clean. Both bathrooms are neat, modern, and clean. I really like a shower with no timer, a dressing area, and a rubber mat. This one was nice.
  4. The store and game room were more modern and clean. Sometimes the main store and game room are just a step above a pavilion, but this one was quite nice.
  5. The rafting option is right on the property. Guests are able to partake in the rafting tour for a nominal fee. Basically you’ll hop in a bus and the driver will drop you off up the river five miles. Over the course of a few hours, you’ll float your way back to the campgrounds.
  6. The owner expects good behavior. Most campgrounds have their rules, but enforcement is lacking. Something tells me that is not the case at Peshtigo River Campground. I appreciate that. There were notices posted in the main office, but also on their website and brochure. The owner made many trips through the campground surveying the property. This would not be a good place for a rowdy group of 20-somethings to have a weekend party. I think it would be cut short on, say, Friday.
  7. Our particular site was able to reach the free wifi. I don’t remember seeing that advertised, but maybe it isn’t if it can’t reach the whole park. A few campgrounds we’ve been to say they have free wifi, but the signal is weak or drops frequently. Our connection on site 77 was great.
  8. Their website is very nice. I’m wired in that I really expect every campground in Wisconsin to have a website filled with information, schedules, rates, and lots of photos. Most never have enough photos, but this campground’s website has plenty (except for the swimming hole, perhaps). Major kudos on this! And overall, their site has a really nice design – clean and easy to use. Some of the photos used here came from their website.


  1. There isn’t a lot to do at the campground if you have children. If we had been alone, we would have just idled around the campfire and been happy. With children, however, we had to leave the campground and look for activities. There were no planned activities that weekend. There is no pool and the playground is just a step above ground to play on. There is a swingset (no seat for babies), an old metal slide, merry-go-round, and a partially broken Little Tykes play yard. I think there might have been a sandbox too. I will say this – we did find a really cool park in Crivitz, so it didn’t matter anyway. Littleland was just a few miles away.
  2. The campground’s website mentions a “swimming hole” in the Peshtigo river. Maybe I’m a prissy brat, but I would rather find a different way to cool off. The “beach” of the hole was total mud, sticks, etc from the river rising. Worse yet, the hole is in a quick bend of the river. My daughter would never be able to fend for herself even just 10 ft from shore. It just wasn’t a safe or clean looking option. I don’t know how we would have gotten out of the water without becoming a total mud mess. Oh, it’s the same place people fish from too. That was a major disappointment for me.

All in all, we probably would not return only because our kids are too little right now. If it were just Brad and myself, well then we probably would. This is a campground for people that aren’t looking to be entertained and really want quiet. This place probably was more like a state park, perhaps. I would think it would be a nice retirement getaway for an older couple not wanting to watch droves of families slam into their campground each weekend.

Review of Neshonoc Lakeside Resort in West Salem, WI.

In an effort to soak up the last of our summer vacation, we decided to use one more certificate from Wagner’s RV and trek all the way over to Noshonoc Lakeside Resort in West Salem, WI. Brad and I are very partial to that area since we have both lived there at one point in our lives. Not only is it a great recreational area, it is also beautiful. The whole coulee region is just gorgeous with the rolling hills, bluffs, thick maples and oaks. Our certificate from Wagner’s RV is for two nights free stay. When I called to inquire availability, guest services stated that the coupon is only valid Monday through Thursday and not on the weekends. It does not say that on the coupon. My husband called back later to actually make the reservation. We decided to bite the bullet and pay for the first two on the weekend and say an extra two days using the certificate. I am glad we made that choice. We arrived to Neshonoc at about 4pm. Check-in was effortless and our site was 173, right on the top of the hill almost. See the seasonal sites are down below by the lake. The nightly areas are up on the bluff. The sounds bad until you get up there. The view over lake Neshonoc is fantastic. The sites are very spacious, almost twice the size of what we had at Dells Jellystone. We were able to just pull through and unhook – that’s a first for us. This was the fastest we ever set up.


1. The sites. IMG_0926 All of them are large, fairly level, and clean. Any of the sites are nice, but for a few extra bucks I would pay for the sites “with a view”. Trust me. They all have nicely manicured grass – no funky weeds, pine needles, and beer bottle caps here. Oh, also be sure you put in your reservation really early if you want one of those awesome sites “with a view” – those babies are scooped up quickly on the weekends. The sites 206 and up are very spacious, but lack shade if that’s important to you. There were a lot of big rigs up there so I figured people do not mind. Also I believe most of the sites are 30/50 amp. To me this means that I can run my fridge and air conditioning on their electric without popping a breaker. I like not having to use our propane for the fridge. Lastly, LOTS of sites have sewer hook up and it’s just a few dollars more.

2. The swimming facilities. IMG_0930 They have two large pools, 1 kiddie pool, and 1 hot tub. The water was warm and clean. Our kids were happy. There is a swimming beach, but there is some fecal chloroform contamination issue, so swimming was not advised. When you see the pools, you won’t want to swim in the lake anyway.

3. The bathrooms.  I thought Indian Trails had nice restrooms, but Noshonoc’s are better. I did not use the facilities on the lower portion of the resort. The buildings up at the top where all the daily campers stay are new, within 5 years I bet. The showers are clean individual stalls, with locking doors.


The best part: The showers are 5 minute timers! Yay! I did not have to push a button every minute. There were no bizarre bugs on the ceiling and no hair balls in the drains. I cringe just typing that! I was very happy with the showers here.

4.  The scenery.  You can go on quite a jaunt around the campground if you like. I enjoyed walking around the seasonal site area. That part of the campground is so cute, with all the park models tucked in together. The residents have done a nice job making their sites look comfortable and home-like.

5. The local establishments. We went to Features Sports Bar & Grill for two meals, both were delicious. On the last morning I ran to Linda’s bakery and bought doughnuts and cinnamon raisin bread that makes my mouth water just typing about it. I picked up a mess of produce and locally made jam from Jolivette’s. The two businesses are pretty much side by side so you can visit both in one swing.

What a View!

6. Lots of Geocaching! Within a five mile radius, I’m guessing there might be 20 caches, maybe more. Several are on the other side of Neshonoc lake. As a senior in college, I wrote a huge research paper about Hamlin Garland, a West Salem born author . Eleven years later, this geocaching outing led me to his grave. I was stunned.


1. The golf carts. They are everywhere at the campground. They didn’t really bother me, but if my kids were older and wanted to bike out of my sight, I probably would not be so quick let them stray. I did not see any teenagers driving them and no one was driving erratically. I’m just simply stating that there are a lot there!

2. The rates. I say this for those on a tight budget. In all honesty, I would save up my money and go here over the “less expensive” place. Trust me. It’ll be worth it. All in all, we’ll be back every year if we can afford it and I am paying extra for the sites with a view.

We had a great time here and we will cherish the memories made. It is a nice quiet place to stay with plenty to do on property and around the area.

Review of Deer Trail Campground in Nekoosa, WI.

The weekend of June 4th, our family packed up the camper to go to my cousin’s graduation in Adams-Friendship, Wisconsin. Since the weather was going to be nice, we thought to make a weekend out of it. Because Wagner’s RV gave us several free camping coupons, we wanted to pick the closest campground to A-F and that was Deer Trail Campground in Nekoosa, WI.

One initial word of caution: Your GPS device may not give you correct directions. We have a TomTom from this past Christmas and it got us to the right road (County Road Z), but took us the wrong direction. Normally that’s not a big deal, but when the driver is dragging a 26ft camper, direction matters.

We arrived in the afternoon and I ran in to check us in. The owner was very friendly and sent me on our way.

Initially we had site 12, which I requested so we could try a waterfront view some time. Upon pulling in we realized how tricky it would be to position the camper with the door facing the water. We ended up driving into 14 because it was an easy pull through situation (no one was on either side) and then the door could face the water, which gave us plenty of privacy. Had someone pulled in on our left side, we would not have been able to leave until after they pulled out. Anyway, I sprinted back up to the office to alarm them of our switch and the owner didn’t mind at all. Phew! If you take those lake front sites, just back in…and understand that your door will not face the water. That will save significant stress. Also bring plenty to block up your camper. The drop off to the water’s edge is significant. We pulled in sideways, so it didn’t matter to us, but if you backed in, rolling would not be cool.

It rained significantly the day before, if I remember, but that did not matter here. Something unique to this area is the soil composition — very sandy. Even if it does rain, the water never stands. Our site was clean, but very sandy. I was sweeping sand from our camper three times a day.

Because we arrived earlier than we usually do, we had a chance to scope things out right away. The kids played on the playground (not on the map) which is one big climbing tower complete with all sorts of options.There is also a swing set and a little tykes playhouse type of contraption that has seen better days. My kids are down to earth and will play on anything not matter how weathered or battered, so we were all happy. The gameroom is 10 ft away in one direction and the pavilion is just another 5 ft.

There are activities on the weekends. I did have a hard time figuring out what those would be until we arrived at them. For example, we knew there would be a craft of some type Saturday morning, but it was not until I walked Jenna down that I knew it was a paper airplane contest. Their website is a bit vague with the details.


  1. The rate. Stay during the week and pay $25 bucks a night. Not bad at all.
  2. The pool. We came after a storm passed so it wasn’t that warm out. Early June rarely promises to be a hot poolside kind of month. We weren’t able to get to the pool until Sunday, our departure day. I was happy to find that the pool was heated and let me tell you – it was warm! It does not have a zero entry, but the steps down into the pool start out at maybe 4ft. My daughter was ecstatic over the frog slide, which was perfect for her. At 5 years old she was eventually able to go down the frog and land on her feet in the water. I wish we had gone in the pool earlier in our stay!
  3. The other campers. What a friendly campground! This is not a wild campground. Lots of the people there are seasonal residents and some around our site were retired folks. By 9pm it was a mellow campground. While taking the kids on a walk, we  did have one lady ask if we wanted to pet her dogs. Normally I would pass on that, but these were the smallest chiwawas. The lady and her family are seasonal residents from Wisconsin Rapids and come down nearly every weekend. She sure was friendly! Even later on Sunday she stopped back to see how we were doing. It was neat to have another guest just checking in on us.
  4. The atmosphere. I alluded to this earlier. It’s a quiet mellow campground. No one kid or dog running into our site. No loud parties. I felt like chilling at this campground.
  5. The WIFI. It exists in the campground, but out by our site, it was spotty. Again, we are here to explore and camp, not email…so I didn’t mind.
  6. Some sites. Some of the sites are HUGE. I wonder if they’re all for seasonal. I thought the bigger sites were on the north end of the campground (up the hill, as I call it).
  7. The Staff. The owners are very friendly!
  8. The bathrooms. Well, I can’t remember the bathrooms, so that must be a good thing. If they were horrid, I would be writing about it. They are still not as nice as Indian Trails, but they were acceptable.


  1. The roads. It did not impact us much, but it might others. The roads on the north side of the campground might be a little  tricky with a big rig. There are low lying branches. Just be sure you ask. I think we could have gotten our 26ft trailer all around the park, but we would have had to keep our eyes peeled constantly.
  2. The sites. I listed this as a pro too, didn’t I? I say this with hesitation because I do not feel this applies to all the sites. We had site 14. If that road had been full, we would have been jammed in there tight and no one would actually be facing the lake (we all would have backed in and left it at that). That comment does not apply to all the sites and I picked a lakeside site.
  3. The WIFI. As I said above, the connection was very weak. It did not really bother me, but it might someone else.
  4. Their website. The campground is a lot nicer than their website shows. The photos are small. Some pages seem incomplete. It could be so much better. Without the free coupons from Wagner’s RV, I am not sure I would have picked that place only because the website is just okay.

To conclude on this review, I would return. I would not take site 12, 14, or 14a with our camper. This is a nice place to go when you want peace and quiet yet need some conveniences that the state parks might not offer.

Review of Indian Trails Campground in Pardeeville, WI

Indian Trails marked our first camping outing. My husband had a meeting in Portage, WI for the WFSCA on a Sunday so we thought it would be a good adventure to camp somewhere down there. The nearest campground that sounded good was Indian Trails in Pardeeville, WI. Let me tell you, that’s about all that’s in Pardeeville, but that’s just fine with me. I like small towns.

I have to tell you how we arrived at Indian Trails. It stormed the afternoon we were to arrive, so we held off until the early evening. We set out and arrived at the campground at about 8:00pm. It had just finished down pouring there. When I checked our family in, I mentioned that we were rookies and probably would need advice in setting up. The owner Myrna called someone on the phone, who I learned later was her husband Dave, to meet us down at the site.

As a rookie camper, here are my initial mistakes:

  1. Arriving that late. We were our camper up for the first time in the dark. Boy, does that sound dumb.
  2. We brought nothing to level out the camper. I just figured, “Eh, what’s a few inches one way or the other?”
  3. I read the campground map wrong and told my husband to go down a narrow winding dirt path that turned out to be a dead end (It was our first time pulling our 26ft camper & I sent us down a dead end at night.).

So I’m sure you can imagine the status of our marriage at this point. 🙂 I was feeling like the Grandmother in Flannery O’Connor’s short story, “A Good Man is Hard to Find” when she realizes she took the family on a horrible road trip to an old farm house, only to realize she had the wrong state. I felt the same way at that moment.

Anyway, as we were sitting in the dark on the dead end road, a red jeep pulled up and a friendly man (Dave) asked if we could turn around. My husband muttered yes and shot me a look. I was contemplating just setting up shop right where we were, which would have been less than scenic. In the morning I walked back to that location to discover it was a dog park. 🙂

So we followed Dave to our site. Thankfully there were several sites in that area open so we could pull through. Dave helped us get set up right away and he seemed friendly enough. It was probably a long day for him and what a way to end it. Dave looked at the level on our camper and noticed we were tipped to one side significantly. I was thinking, “Yeah, so?” He asked if we brought leveling blocks. Blank stares. He drove back up to the shop and cut boards for us. We drove up on the boards (as my eyes were very wide) and wah-lah! We were level. Then he looked for the level that tells us if the camper is even from front to back. He asked us where that was. Blank stares. He drove back up to the shop to get his level. After that was finished, he showed us how to unhook the trailer, hook up the water, and connect the electricity. By this time I was so frazzled I was afraid to even plug in the trailer without his approval. Throughout all that, he kept a smile.

The next morning we woke up to a pleasant morning at the campground!


  1. The staff. No surprise, huh? I’m sure Dave probably isn’t real happy that I’m advertising his late night RV setup service, but hopefully this won’t become a popular trend! The staff at the whole campground was nice. We never had a bad interaction.
  2. The scenery. It’s just a pretty place to be. The lake in the center is so nice and you can walk around the whole pond. What a nice property to own! There are playgrounds on both sides. We were at 63 or 64 and that was just fine by me. No one was in that whole section. We never really ventured out into the 200’s to look at sites, but based on the rest of the campground, everything seemed nicely spaced. Granted we were there April 30th – May 1st, not really a busy time for camping. I still think there isn’t a bad site in the place. The map makes it look like we were really far from the pond, but we were not whatsoever. I could probably throw a softball into the lake from our site. Don’t forget to bring your fishing poles!
  3. The pool. Because we arrived so early, it was too cold to swim outside. Never mind that, the indoor pool was just fine. There are two cautions – It was cold that particular weekend and there is no shallow end, in my opinion, for kids under 10. I liked being able to sit in the cafe or game room and look in the pool.
  4. The cafe. It was good food and very affordable! We brought plenty of food, but I wanted to have a family order of french fries. We placed our order on the phone from our site and walked up in a few minutes to pick it up.
  5. The two Shriner fellas selling dressings at the entry. We bought a sweet vidalia onion dressing that is unbelievable. I haven’t tasted anything that good. I have often thought about taking a pilgramage back just to get this dressing.
  6. The bark park. This is the only campground that I’ve seen this at. We camp with a springer spaniel. She is wonderful to camp with! The Bark Park was a special treat to her. It even has a few obstacles for a energetic pooche.
  7. The weekend activities. We went too early to enjoy these, but as you can see there are activities each weekend. Even if you go during the week, there are plenty of other things to do (boat rental, mini-golf, et cetera).
  8. Their website. Over this summer, I’ve been doing a lot of web surfing, looking at various campsites. For those part, I find campground websites to be merely informative, not inspiring. This campground’s website offers LOTS of photographs to give the potential visitor an idea of the property.
  9. The bathroom/showers. I am learning that most campgrounds have these annoying shower facets that you have to press once a minute. Indian Trails showers, at least the ones by our site, had a nice long timer. I think I only pressed it once! They are individual showers with doors. No slimy curtains! They are modern – tiled walls and floors. All summer I haven’t seen campground bathrooms that nice.


  1. Wifi. They only offer WIFI in the cafe and game room, which is fine. We came up there twice and it didn’t work either time. The staff said they needed to reset the router, but  I never did get the laptop connect. I wasn’t desperate to get online anyway, so we just moved on with another activity.

All in all, we will be back several times. This is the first place we went and I suspect it will be hard for all other campgrounds to top this one. Because we went before peak season, the rate was dirt cheap with a rate right under 26 dollars a night. Indian Trail’s beauty, facility, and staff will surely make for a fabulous vacation.

Review of Yogi Bear Wisconsin Dells

Our family of four stayed at Dells Jelly Stone the week after 4th of July in a water/electric site. Below you’ll find my notes about the experience.


  1. The planned activities. There are events for your children every hour or two starting at 9 am. I’ve never seen that many planned activities at a campground before. Some of the events cost money (less than 10 dollars). We painted a ceramic cat for 6 dollars. Here is the list of activities for the week during our stay. As you can see, there is something nearly on the hour.
  2. IMG_0406

  3. The kiddie pool. You are never going to get a pool better than this at a camp ground. If your kids are over 10 they’ll enjoy the adult pool (with a slide). If they’re under 10 this kiddie pool is awesome. It comes complete with slides, water guns, water falls, et cetera. It was 85 outside, but it felt like 75 at the pool with the constant mist of water.
  4. IMG_0413

  5. The central location of activities. The Ranger Station, the pools, and the goodie shop are all together. This made for a nice walk to the middle of the park where several things were taking place. There is plenty of room to sit with your family, play in the pools, partake in the activities, or go up to the store.
  6. The store. Usually Wisconsin Dells is horrendously overpriced, but I thought the items at the store were fair. You can go home with a t-shirt for under 10 bucks. We bought a jug of water for $2 bucks. And if you’re needing more things, Walmart isn’t that far.
  7. The staff. The staff is friendly and helpful. We had a problem with our water hookup (it was leaking) and maintenance was there within 5 minutes. He was helpful and very friendly. I’ve read complaints about the staff not speaking English very well, and while that might be true, any compassionate person can tell they’re trying. The fella that led the “Hey Ride” was so happy and friendly to be leading the activity. I was glad he was having a positive experience here. Actually, the ESL teen employees were more friendly than the American teens.


  1. The location. The campground is just off the interstate. While that makes it easy to get to, it’s not a peaceful setting. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, you do not want anything on Jellystone Loop or the first half of Valley View Drive. We, unfortunately, were the 2nd site on Valley View Drive. I requested a site very close to the central activities and the playground and that’s exactly what I was given, so I really can’t complain. It’s just a shame such a nice campground has to be right on the interstate. Because of the horrendous noise, it was so hard to relax by the campfire.
  2. The other campers. This is our fifth campground and this was the first where we encountered rude behavior by the campers. There was another site 200 yards away with music blaring until 10pm. The quiet time is 10:30, so technically it’s okay…it’s still rude. We also had several people, mostly kids, walk through our site to get to wherever they were going. I don’t mind when people walk through the perimeter, but these kids walked 10ft from our camper door. While we were eating dinner, some cut through the back and stopped to pet our dog without asking or acknowledging our presence. That’s not really the campground’s fault, but it happened on several occasions and only at this campground. I think it’s just a different atmosphere.
  3. The showers. There’s something about seeing hair in a drain that just grosses me out. Also one of the showers had a defunct button so I had to press it every 30 seconds, no kidding. The other shower wasn’t that bad.
  4. The other playgrounds. The only good playground was by Valley View. The others are by far unequal.
  5. The price. When we bought our camper from Wagner’s RV, we were given a coupon for two nights free. On the third night we paid 75 dollars — the regular weekend rate for July on our site. That’s high compared to the other campgrounds I’ve been to, but I bet there are ways to reduce the cost through coupons. It seems like there are coupons all over Wisconsin Dells. I bet if you hunted around or asked friends there is a way to reduce cost.


All in all, I’d go back to Yogi Bear’s campground in Wisconsin Dells, but I would just pick a different site on the other side of the campground. If your kids are under 15, they are going to love the constant activity and the pool can’t be beat. They offer so much for their guests – amenities, service, et cetera. I know my kids will be asking to go back next summer. Just remember — pick a site on the back side of the campground.