My Latest Green Screen Adventure

About two months ago we moved into a new home. The basement is large, but missing my do-it-yourself green screen I created in the old basement. The basement has unfinished drywall, but I still didn’t want to paint the walls lime green just quite yet.

I was in Hobby Lobby this weekend (giant craft store) and found a bolt of lime green poly fabric. You know — when you go to a conference and get a free bag that is a mix between fabric. That stuff. It was $2.99 yard and there were seven yards left. I knew that I needed something 7ft tall and at least 6ft wide. I’m not good with measgs1uring, but the gal at Hobby Lobby figured I’d have a lil’ extra, so I took it all.

My first step was to cut even panels. I had enough for three single-ply panels. I really wanted two-ply because there’s a light that shines behind the screen. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough fabric.

So I cut three even panels and stitched them together. I didn’t press or pin because I’m, well, impatient. Seriously though, it’s no big deal. This fabric burns easily so don’t try to iron it. If you’re bent on ironing, then you have to place a barrier between the iron and the fabric. If you don’t, it melts in seconds.

After the panels are stitched together you need to make your top. You have choices here. I decided to take the quick route and run duct tape across the top. Had I been more patient, I would have sewn a casing for a shower curtain.

The downside to that gs2decision, though, would’ve been a shortened curtain and additional cost in a shower curtain rod. So far I’m happy with my decision.

After folding over my duct tape, I used a paper hole punch to run a hole every 4ft.gs3

The header in the basement was at just the right spot, so I found some old tea cup hooks. I screwed them in every four feet and hung the curtain.

I didn’t know if I had enough fabric to stretch across, but it turned out I had an extra 2ft. I cut it off and gave the top another punch hole.

Once I was done, we gave it a test using the Do Ink app — it worked great. I still think I need to invest in a lamp, but that’ for another day.

Total cost — Under 15 dollars!