Something Different

Matthew has a deep passion for agriculture and soaks up every learning opportunity. He takes great pride in his herd and flock. Much of his motivation is filtered through that, hunting, fishing, or wrestling.

In the past couple of years, I’ve seen my son disengage from learning.

This year, much to my surprise, we decided to home school Matthew. The decision wasn’t planned at all, but without a doubt was right. With two days notice, Matthew came home for his education.

I’m not going to lie — this thew me for a whirlwind. The timing was not great, but the alternative wasn’t good either. I found myself thrust into planning now for a 5th grade learner — not my expertise, at all.

I want to make it perfectly clear. I believe in teachers. Matthew’s past teachers were truly doing the best they could. Juggling 22+ students is challenging, but even moreso with the additional hurdles of today’s classroom. I appreciate them all as people and professional educators.

I just wanted something different for him.

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