On Becoming Street View Certified

Throughout my childhood, I was a shutterbug and developed a lifelong interest for capturing imagery. I remember sending film into Clark’s frequently and anxiously checking the mail for the next two weeks. I don’t recall when, but many years ago, I bought my first SLR camera and stumbled through the settings.

Initially, I was not interested in photography as a career; I’ve just always seen myself as a storyteller through pictures.

Photography allows me to do two major acts:

  • An opportunity for me to observe carefully. When I am photographing intently, I see angles, lines, and color that I might not otherwise see. Additionally, I see beauty around me that I otherwise might take foregranted.
  • An opportunity to record history. The work we do, the lives we live, the impact we have on each other matters. Each photo I capture provides a snapshot of those moments, a historical record. That photo may not seem like a historical record now, but in 30 years it certainly will be. As I flip through old editions of the Platteville Journal, I’m quickly reminded that photos tell important stories. Maybe I can be a storyteller too.

Then Why Bother Becoming a Google Street View Trusted Photographer?


Because I could. Plus, it’s really not that hard to do. I just have to like taking pictures and understand how to upload to Google Maps. Seriously though, haven’t you ever wondered what would happen if you just went for it without fear of failure? Part of life is stretching myself just to see how wide my wings really are. 🙂 Plus, here’s the thing — it’s the idea that what I do matters and makes our lovely corner of the state a better place. Plain and simple. Southwest Wisconsin is hands-down the prettiest and most interesting place I’ve ever lived. The people here are kind and hardworking, and the history and landscape make me smile. There is no better place to be. So basically, I just want to chip in to this already amazing place to be with whatever talents I have to offer.

If you’d like to have me capture a few stories for you, feel free to contact me at jbrogleyUWP@gmail.com. Thanks!

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